Who is Drastic Actions?

Not a rockstar, or a ninja...

A Software Developer...

  • I am a build engineer at Xamarin, where I delight developers by delighting my fellow employees with developer tools.
    • I maintain the Xamarin Components Store
    • I also work on tools my fellow developers use internally to make their job easier and just that much more enjoyable.

Awful Forums Reader

Awful Forums Reader is the only native UWP client for accessing the Something Awful Forums.

I can easily say this is the most awful app on the store!

Adam (Probably a Goon)

The Win10 version is a goddamn dumpster fire...
Possibly there is a way to install the Win8 version on 10 but if I cant figure that out I'm just gonna roll the whole OS back to 8.1.

Confused Danganronpa Fan
  • Available on Desktop, Tablet, Phone, Xbox and HoloLens, Awful Forums Reader lets you post from whatever, where ever.
  • A flexable UI and thread view that can scale. No matter the device.
  • Get notified of when threads your interested in are updated.
  • Ask Cortana if the threads you bookmarked have been updated, and see what's new on the forums.
  • Create new threads, post replies, and get and send private messages.

Awful Forums Reader can do it all... But very specifically, it can view the Something Awful forum.